When should we book?2023-04-21T02:07:25+00:00
Book now! Paintball has become increasingly popular and our centres are filing up fast. To secure your places please complete the online booking form, or alternatively call our bookings team. We recommend making a booking at least 2 weeks in advance however we can accommodate last minute paintball booking requests.
How many players do we need?2023-04-21T02:07:45+00:00

There is no minimum or maximum number of players required to make a booking, we will join your group with other people of a similar age to create a larger team of approximately 20 players. If you would like to have an exclusive game we require a minimum of 40 players. For more information, please speak to one of our bookings team.

What is the minimum age to play paintball?2023-04-21T02:08:11+00:00

The recommended minimum age to play our national paintball centres is 10 years old. However the equipment and level of supervision provided by Countrywide Paintball makes paintball safe for players of any age. We also offer mini paintball events for 8 to 10 year olds at a selection of our paintball venues. Local paintball centres age limits may vary. Please speak to our bookings team for more information.

Can I play just with my own group?2023-04-21T02:08:27+00:00
Of course! You can arrange to have a private game at the centre if you have 40 players or more. Please speak to one of our friendly booking team and they will help arrange this for you.
What if we arrive late?2023-04-21T02:09:40+00:00

Please let us know as soon as possible if your group is running a little late and we will do our best to get you started as soon as we can. However, please aim to be on time so that you can take part in as many paintball games as possible!

How long does a session of paintballing last?2023-04-09T02:41:24+00:00

A session of paintball starts at 9:15am where you will be checked in, issued with your equipment and given a briefing on all the safety rules for the session. You will then take part in 6 – 8 varied paintball games with a short break between each field and a longer break for lunch. The session will finish at around 4:00pm after an awards ceremony.

What happens if someone in our group doesn’t turn up?2023-04-09T02:41:50+00:00

Most paintball companies will make you forfeit your money if players fail to attend. However when you book with us and a member of your group does not play on the date booked, we will issue you with credit places so you can choose another session to attend using the places.

Do I need to fill out a registration form?2023-04-09T02:42:07+00:00
All persons playing on the day are required to complete a registration form and hand them in to our check in desk before they begin playing. Players under 16 years old must have their form signed by an adult. We attach all of our registration forms to your booking confirmation so that you can complete these before the session and speed up your check in.
What happens if it rains on the day?2023-04-09T02:42:23+00:00
Our paintball games go ahead in rain, hail or shine. All our game zones are outdoors but there are sheltered areas available in the base camp in between games.
How many paintballs do we need?2023-04-09T02:42:39+00:00
Each person is different when it comes to paintball usage; some may pick and choose their targets whereas others go all “Rambo”! However on average, players spending a sessions at one of our venues tend to use between 400-600 paintballs.
What kind of clothing/footwear should I wear on the day?2023-04-09T02:42:57+00:00
Wearing old comfortable clothing that allows you to move about freely is best for an adrenaline fueled paintball session. We also recommend wearing walking boots with ankle support with a deep tread and rubber sole as it can be wet and slippery in the game zones. Armoured gloves are available for purchase in advance or on the day at the shop.
How can I buy other items on the day?2023-04-09T02:43:17+00:00
We accept cash and debit or credit cards. Please note, at national paintball centres there is a processing fee incurred when paying by card on the day of your event which is 53p for debit cards and 2.32% for credit cards. In line with the Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharge) Regulation 2012, these fees reflect the cost to the company in processing card transactions. Visit our shop to check out our special deals on paintballs, grenades (over 18’s only) and armoured gloves!
Can I bring my own paintballs?2023-04-09T02:43:32+00:00
Due to safety regulations only paintballs issued by the paintball centre on the day of your event can be used at our venues.
Is food and drink available at the centre?2023-04-09T02:43:47+00:00
All our venues provide drinks & snacks for purchase at the shop.
Can we bring alcohol?2023-04-09T02:44:06+00:00
No alcohol is permitted. Any players who have been drinking or appear to be under the influence will be excluded from the games and may be asked to leave the centre.
Is there anywhere we can store our possessions at the centre?2023-04-09T02:44:21+00:00
Each of our national paintball centres have lockers available to hire to for the session, please visit the shop to hire a key.
How are teams selected?2023-04-09T02:44:37+00:00
We join your players with groups of a similar age range, sometimes in the children’s teams there can be family groups with older siblings or parents joining in but we always ensure each game is a fair match.
Does paintballing hurt?2023-04-09T02:44:55+00:00
Paintballs can bruise or break the skin. However we provide you with body armour and overalls which you can wear over your clothes for added protection.

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