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Castle Wallenberg

Riding a Jet Ski

You’ve been put in charge of a very important mission, but are you ready to take on such a responsibility? Do you have the skills required to be victorious? Entering the heart of the Bavarian forest you’ll discover the hidden shadows of the ancient Castle Wallenberg. Its colossal size and overwhelming design has a mysteriously dark history many cannot comprehend. Standing at over two stories tall, Castle Wallenberg’s impressive size and unbreakable structure requires players to approach this mission tactically. Such a task takes team work, courage and the desire to succeed. You fill be facing evil forces that have taken over and if you and your team fail, the end will be upon us. Your mission is to rescue the fortress, tackling the enemy with stealth and a precise set of skills to take secure the castle in the name of good. All eyes are on you soldier. It’s time to take out the enemy once and for all and seize control.

Attacking: To be successful you and your team will need to create a wall of fire while swiftly storming the enemy, leaving no gaps for them to manoeuvre. Stealth plays a big part as you advance towards the flag. There is no room for mistakes – Castle Wallenberg will take no prisoners. Be sure to take full advantage of the ‘respawn’ rule too.

Defending: Attacking defence is the motto to remain undefeated. A constant line of fire will trap the enemy and give them little time to retaliate. Putting these tactics into practice can be harder than it sounds, some serious team work is required to remain the holders of the flag.