Mini Paintball Events

Mini paintball is a new style of paintball designed specifically for 8-10 year olds and takes place over the course of an afternoon at 10 national paintball centres. This unique style of paintballing is extremely popular for children’s birthday parties, school excursions and family days out with mini paintball events held separately from regular paintball games at ten selected Countrywide Paintball centres. Trained marshalling staff guide participants through mini paintball events to ensure your children have the best party ever!

  • Mini Paintball Venues

Mini Paintball Equipment

The equipment used for mini paintball events is specifically designed for children aged between 8-10 years. Smaller and lighter equipment gives children ease of movement as they take to the battlefield alongside their comrades for an action-packed afternoon of games as they play the part of their favourite action hero. Full guidance is provided by staff to ensure children experience non-stop action on exciting mission scenarios within a safe and fun environment.

Full Head Goggles

Our full head helmets cover your child's face and back of their head, meaning no part is exposed to paintball shots. The chin strap ensures that the helmet cannot be removed during the games, and we conduct a check prior to players entering the game zones to ensure goggles are worn securely.

Custom-designed Body Armour

Our padded body armour protects the upper torso and helps take the sting out of any paintball impacts to the torso or back, meaning no shocks when in the heat of the battle.

Combat Suit

Our camouflage combat suits cover players from top to toe and come with padded collars that provide extra protection for the neck area. The combat suits come in a range of sizes and also protect clothing from any tumbles on the day.


Participants use smaller and lightweight paintball guns that fire up to seven rounds a second. The paintballs used are smaller and are fired at a lower rate, resulting in a softer impact. The compact size of the guns makes it easy for participants to manoeuvre and our mini paintball guns offer incredible reliability and accuracy during the games.

Mini Paintball Prices

Mini paintball packages are priced at £34.99 per child and are held over the course of the afternoon from 11am until approximately 2:30pm. The package covers:
  • Full entrance and equipment hire for the afternoon
  • 6 exciting games on themed paintball scenarios
  • Supervision by expert marshalling staff
  • 300 mini paintballs per person (all the required paintballs for the session)
Trained staff will supervise participants throughout the games. We top-up each child with paintballs before each game, meaning less hassle for parents to organise. Due to the popularity of mini paintball, there is limited availability so we recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance to secure the date and spaces you would like. Please contact us on 0844 477 5028* or request a call back for more information and to book a mini paintball party that your child will never forget!